sharing a poetic LIFELINE with the world


in December . . .

we lived in the arms
of the most spectacular
ice storm
I’ve ever seen

overwhelming beauty
in the midst of devastation





— obstacle course of
downed trees and lines

invisible log-middles
hauled away, heads and feet
left to bookend the road

— scream of branches wrenched,
ripped from the mother trunk,
visible scars that won’t heal

an image from tree-2
a lifetime ago

Dr. Zhivago
and Lara
in the Ice Palace

surreal, breathtaking,
exquisite mist
protected them briefly

A tiny taste
surrounded us
for a week


And now,
we have power
more power
than we knew


May the lights of the season
fill us with gratitude

show the way
to a peaceful
and happy new year




Comments on: "Holiday Wishes from the Poetic Muselings" (4)

  1. Neat poem! I love the cool pictures too, and your menorah!

    • Michele said:

      thanks, Anne — the way the lights reflected and multiplied made me grab the camera. I didn’t realize how many reflections there were until I started playing with that picture. So happy to have light after our week without power!

  2. Margaret Fieland said:

    Lovely poem and photos, Michele.

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