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The Game of Books: Where Books Meet Gaming

Are you a reader?
A writer?
A librarian?
A teacher?
Then this project will be of interest to you.

What happens when reading meets gaming? The Game of Books. In life, every book you read teaches you something. You are gaining knowledge, experience, from each book. Soon there will be a way to track that. Imagine leveling up in your interests. Tracking your progress, comparing it to your friends.

The Kickstarter fundraising for The Game of Books succeeded yesterday. It may be too late to back it, but it’s worth following. And there may be a way to support it, to receive kits, even though the Kickstarter is closed. It’s something they are looking into. In the meantime, read more about The Game of Books, and watch the video. And even use the demo to create your own Character Card, as I’ve done below.

My husband and I are very excited for this to come out, and are getting a Family Starter Kit. It’s great to see innovative ideas like this get the attention they deserve.


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