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Make Visible: A New Addition

write-picMy creativity extends beyond poetry to crafts.  I just got a “new addition” to my creative arsenal, a sewing machine!  It’s not really new, in fact it’s a 40-year-old Kenmore, all metal construction.  I haven’t sewn since I was 13.  I’ve already done a bunch of straight stitches and figured out how to stitch in the opposite direction.  I haven’t filled a bobbin yet or threaded the top and bottom of the sewing machine.  I plan to do crafts to start with, like aprons and potholders.  Here’s to my new hobby, sewing!  Below:  the Kenmore, a book to help me, and some fabric to start with.

1972/73 Kenmore

“Sew Everything Workshop”

100% Cotton Fabric










“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.”~Robert Bresson, French Film Director



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