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Whether just starting as a poet, or well-experienced, you can learn by imitation. Choose a poem by another poet, classic or modern, and write a poem in the same style. There’s a few ways you could approach this:

  • Write a poem as a direct response to the subject.
  • Write your own poem inspired by the topic.
  • Follow the poetry form only.

Here’s an example of one of my early poems. I personalized Emily Dickinson’s “This is My Letter to the World.” I kept it in a similar style, and thought: What would I say to the world?

To: The World; From: Mary

My Letter to the World

What do I have to say to the world
That all but deserted me?
Would anyone listen to a single soul
Through the unheard art of poetry?

Although surrounded by others,
Wanting my voice to be heard,
I’m often isolated
For no one will hear my words.

Can I make a difference in someone’s life,
As others did in mine?
Will anyone read the simple words
That I wrote in my spare time?

I may be a shy, quiet person
But I have a message of my own;
Won’t someone come and discover
The soul within my poems.

The message of my poem remains true today. I want my voice, my poems, to be heard. I’d love it if you shared your own poem based on the prompt.

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Comments on: "My Letter to the World: A Poem and a Prompt" (2)

  1. Margaret Fieland said:

    Mary, lovely poem. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that the ones I’ve done are rhymed and silly: One modeled on “Three Blind Mice,” one on “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” and a third a pastiche of several folk songs. I also have a haiku sequence with lines from folk songs

  2. Michele said:

    Amen to the idea, Mary, and the way you said it. Listening is a lost art, reading not far behind sometimes.

    How we influence others, and they us, isn’t always known until a later time. I’ll share one of mine soon. Thanks for this reminder and nudge.

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