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Winter Rules

Winter scene in Blue

Winter scene in Blue (Photo credit: BrunoDelzant)

Winter Winds


Here comes the wind
Not the balmy wind of Spring
Not the sweaty wind of Summer,
Not the  vigorous wind of Fall

Winter rules with biting grasp
Tangling around  throat
Bitter fingers of ice steal breath
With every exhilation
Sidewalks and roads slick as glass
Waiting till a pale sun arrives
To melt it all

©  2013 Lin Neiswender





Comments on: "Winter Rules" (6)

  1. Beautiful, and season appropriate. 🙂

  2. Our lake froze over – first time I’ve ever seen one! … The wind off that much ice was … impressive!

  3. il2wffap said:

    A frozen lake must be a very pretty site, clean glittery white.

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