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Angel 013

Angel 013 (Photo credit: Juliett-Foxtrott)

This week’s poem, an aragman, was a real challenge for me.

I generated over 2000 anagrams with the link using my pets’  names and saved the results to a Word document. I then picked about 50 that appealed to me which I could see had potential as leading lines into my choice of non-anagram words.

I put them into 2 six-line stanzas starting as odd number lines, even numbers my choice of words, with a single anagram as the closing line. There are rules suggested for syllables which I dare to say I ignored- I was having enough of a problem getting the poem to make some sort of cohesive whole! My favorite anagram I couldn’t work in was “Gale omen sky” so maybe I can use that and some of the other left-over bits in a new project.

Here is my effort:

Smokey Angel

-an Aragman-

Gleams key on          
St. Peter’s belt
As elegy monk
Drowns his sorrows
La genome sky
Hovers over all

Angels key Om
Praising abounds
Make yes long
Open golden gates as
Gale monkeys
Laugh in storm like

Leaky gnomes

© 2012 Lin Neiswender




Comments on: "Focus on Form: Aragman, Lin Style" (5)

  1. Lin, love your last stanza.

    I don’t see why you couldn’t use “Gale Omen Sky” in place of “La Genome Sky”.

  2. Lin, love the last stanza ..

    I don’t see why you couldn’t use “Gale Omen Sky” in place of La Genome Sky”

    • Didn’t think of that, it would fit better. Guess I was just in love with the word “genome”!

  3. Lin, you don’t have to follow all the rules? That will make this much easier.

    Great poem, so unexpected, makes me realize how all words have meanings of their own. Also that we need to shake up our every day vocabulary sometimes.

  4. I think wordpress lost my reply. Great poem, unexpected words, loved it!

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