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Six Questions For . . .

We’re being interviewed on Jim Harrington’s blog, “Six Questions For . . .” on March 1, 2012. Jim’s guest include publishers, editors, and others in the field of writing. His goal, to paraphrase from his blog, is to:

. . . provide authors with specific information about what editors are looking for in the submissions they receive, offer editors a venue for advertising their publications and getting the word out about what, in their opinion, constitutes ‘good writing.’

We’re delighted to share ideas about what we look for, and our approach — and to be in such great company. Please read Jim’s interview and let us know what you think.

. . . Magdalena Ball . . .

will be our guest on Weds., March 14, 2012. Our interview, starting from a focus on poetry and creativity, will be quite different from the  others on her blog tour. Her recent book, Black Cow, has rave reviews.

Visit her site to learn more, including the prizes she’s offering.  “The draw is open to anyone who comments, re-tweets (please use #blackcow – it’s not mandatory, but will help me find the tweets!), or updates their status with info about anything to do with the visits.”  Magdalena Ball

. . . and More:

Thank you for responses to my question last week about markets or guidance for our 14-year old poet. Please take a look at the post, and send your ideas. Thanks!  Mentoring and being Mentored

thank you!


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