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Sometimes We Stumble

It’s been almost a year since I wrote the following in response to a discussion question on Why do I Write? It spiraled further than I was expecting, and it’s something I keep circling back to. As long as I can remember I’ve wanted to write. From my very first stories in first grade, and the encouraging […]

Make Visible: The Muse Online Writers Conference

The Muse Online Writers Conference   The next MuseCon will be held October 8-14,2012.   Although registration for this fabulous and free online writers conference isn’t open yet, it soon will be. The Poetic Muselings will be hosting a poetry workshop at the 2012 Muse Online Writers Conference!!! Hope to see you there!   Just […]

Check out the first chapter of my new novel plus Sand in the Desert free on August 27-28

  On Monday, August 20th,  the first chapter of my new novel, “Relocated,” was on D. Renee Bagby’s YA First Chapters blog. Read it here:   Sand in the Desert, the book of poetry that I wrote to go with “Relocated,” is free on Kindle on August  27th and 28th. Or borrow it free […]

More on Limericks

I love rhyme. I love limericks, and I’ve written quite a few. Here, since I now have the perfect excuse, are a few new ones. Here’s one: There once was a young lad from Kyoto one evening while viewing a photo saw a face so grotesque it resembled a desk and was sure he had […]

Limericks — How It All Started For Me

Power of the Pen – Limericks St. Paddy’s Day weekend 2009, I read my poems publicly for the first time at an open mic event. Terrified at exposing my babies to the harsh elements of public view. Even more terrified at the form I chose — limericks. The Poetic Muselings were experimenting with different forms, […]

A Series of Limericks: tips included

Limericks are not my strength. Try as I might, I cannot spin them off the top of my head. It took me all day to get two decent ones. If you’re not familiar with the form, I found a good guide on by Grace Fleming: How to Write a Limerick. Here are a few […]

Make Visible: Focus on Form: Really Bad Limericks

I wrote these today.  I’m not one to write limericks.  I’m not real comfortable with the form.  The last one is for a special friend of mine. Here goes nothing! Presenting Really Bad Limericks:   Savannah   There was a girl from Savannah Who had the most terrible manners She never said please And often […]

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