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Enter the World of Haibun

I learned a new literary term yesterday, haibun, when I was reading a story by another writer in a group I belong to. It turns out that haibun is a relatively new literary form that combines prose and poetry, notably haiku. It’s been around since 17th century Japan but is relatively new to Westerners. According […]

Imagery: Day and Night

Day and night are frequently used to create mood in poetry. Here are a few of my favorite poems that make use of day/night imagery. In the poem below, the change from day to dark echoes the change in the narrator’s situation, the beginning of a relationship. The images of the sun rolling up her […]

So, You’re a Creative Genius… Now What?: A review

“I contend that if you’re not actively creating something, you’re not entirely alive.” ~Carl King You’re inspired, you’ve released your creative genius. What do you do with it? This is where Carl King’s book, So, You’re a Creative Genius… Now What?, comes into power. I first tuned into this book by following links about introverts, ending […]

Make Visible: By Art Inspired

 Art sometimes inspires me to write poetry. Below are two paintings and the poems they inspired. Please read Lin’s post A New Way of Looking: Ekphrasis for an introduction to this idea. It is often not enough to just see a painting and write; sometimes research into the subject or the artist is helpful.  I researched […]

Inspiration Shared

As promised, today’s post is a poem written by Eileen Peterson, entered in our recent “Favorite Poet / Poem / and Why?” contest. My Dream House (after the style of Don Blanding By Eileen Dawson Peterson   Word pictures draw the shape before my eyes of  a “Vagabond’s House” in some far paradise. And wistfully I […]

To Market, to Market- Sending Out Your Poetic Babies

So you’ve written a poem. Congratulations and job well done! But now what? Time to polish your work till it gleams like a new copper penny, and send it out into the world. Editing is important, as there is always a better, fresher way to word your thoughts,  fix up a place where the rhythm […]

Make Visible: Preditors & Editors™ Readers’ Poll Results

Preditors & Editors™ Readers’ Poll Results   I’m happy to announce that the cover for “Lifelines” by Lin Neiswender won third place in book/ebook cover art in the Preditors & Editors™ Readers’ Poll. Also the Poetic Muselings placed third in poets in the same poll. Our anthology, “Lifelines”, placed tenth in anthologies in the Preditors […]

Persona Poems

Persona Poems Persona poems are poems that are written in a voice other than that of the author, where the author pretends to be someone else. The first one I wrote was in response to a poetry writing exercise. The next one that I recall writing ended up in “Lifelines.” Since then, I’ve created two […]

Zen in the Art of Writing: A Review

“You fail only if you stop writing.” ~Ray Bradbury The above quote has long been my mantra for writing. I keep it at the top of my daily writing document. So, as inspired as I am by this one statement of Bradbury’s, I was delighted to come across an entire book of such words. Zen […]

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