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Enter the World of Haibun

I learned a new literary term yesterday, haibun, when I was reading a story by another writer in a group I belong to. It turns out that haibun is a relatively new literary form that combines prose and poetry, notably haiku. It’s been around since 17th century Japan but is relatively new to Westerners. According […]

Imagery: Day and Night

Day and night are frequently used to create mood in poetry. Here are a few of my favorite poems that make use of day/night imagery. In the poem below, the change from day to dark echoes the change in the narrator’s situation, the beginning of a relationship. The images of the sun rolling up her […]

So, You’re a Creative Genius… Now What?: A review

“I contend that if you’re not actively creating something, you’re not entirely alive.” ~Carl King You’re inspired, you’ve released your creative genius. What do you do with it? This is where Carl King’s book, So, You’re a Creative Genius… Now What?, comes into power. I first tuned into this book by following links about introverts, ending […]

Inspiration Shared

As promised, today’s post is a poem written by Eileen Peterson, entered in our recent “Favorite Poet / Poem / and Why?” contest. My Dream House (after the style of Don Blanding By Eileen Dawson Peterson   Word pictures draw the shape before my eyes of  a “Vagabond’s House” in some far paradise. And wistfully I […]

To Market, to Market- Sending Out Your Poetic Babies

So you’ve written a poem. Congratulations and job well done! But now what? Time to polish your work till it gleams like a new copper penny, and send it out into the world. Editing is important, as there is always a better, fresher way to word your thoughts,  fix up a place where the rhythm […]

Persona Poems

Persona Poems Persona poems are poems that are written in a voice other than that of the author, where the author pretends to be someone else. The first one I wrote was in response to a poetry writing exercise. The next one that I recall writing ended up in “Lifelines.” Since then, I’ve created two […]

Zen in the Art of Writing: A Review

“You fail only if you stop writing.” ~Ray Bradbury The above quote has long been my mantra for writing. I keep it at the top of my daily writing document. So, as inspired as I am by this one statement of Bradbury’s, I was delighted to come across an entire book of such words. Zen […]

Vote in the P&E Readers’ Poll by Jan 10 – details in our 1-5-12 post

Congratulations to Edward Harsen

When we decided to hold a contest about your favorite poet, poem, and the reasons you chose what you did, we knew we’d get some interesting responses. What an amazing breadth of ideas, selection of poetry, and challenge! We found your poets, and your poems, then reviewed the comments several times. Lewis Carroll to Sylvia Plath. Ogden […]

Lifelines and Apollo’s Lyre nominated for P&E Awards

(Updated with corrected links) Critters /  hosts the annual Preditors & Editors™ Readers’ Poll which honors print & electronic publications published during 2011. (Click here for the official rules.) DEADLINE FOR VOTING IS JAN. 10, 2012. Lifelines, our Poetic Muselings anthology, is nominated in several categories. Also, Apollo’s Lyre is nominated in three categories, including […]

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