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Poetic Inspiration: Other People’s Poems

I love reading poetry. Not only does reading poetry expands my poetic horizons, butI constantly find inspiration in other’s work. Sometimes the subject touches a chord, sometimes I want to try out a particular poetic device, and sometimes — well — it awakens my playful side. A couple of weeks ago, Robert Lee Brewer posted […]

An Exercise in Imagery

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. As my gift to you, I’d like to share a fun exercise to create unique imagery. Sometimes I find myself getting stuck using the same descriptions and phrases in my writing. Especially in poetry, it loses that pop. One of my favorite exercises to get out of this […]

What DO YOU think?

Christmas, Hanukkah, or other holiday memories — sights, sounds, smells,  textures, stories you remember  (or have heard so often that you think they might be your own ) — share them in snatches of verse. We’ve given you ideas in the past few posts and would love more of what makes up your world at this […]

Let’s Write a Holiday Poem

In honor of  the winter holidays, let’s write a poem celebrating one. Stumped for ideas? You won’t be for long. Jot down your very brief answers to the following questions: What is the first time you remember celebrating this holiday? Who was there with you? Which was your most memorable celebration of this traditional holiday? […]

Where do poems come from: poetry prompts

Prompts are one of the ways that I generate poems, and one of the subjects I return to again and again is coffee.  Yes, that hot, black (I like mine black), bitter, caffeinated beverage that I gulp down every morning. I keep my poetry in Google documents, so just for grins, I searched through my […]

The Poetry of Pink

I don’t consider myself very girly. I fancy comfort over style, don’t wear make-up, and for much of my life avoided the color pink. When I was a little girl, I LOVED the color. That soft, carnation pink reminiscent of pebbles and cherry blossoms. Last year I let both the little girl and the color […]

“Your Favorite Poet and Poem” Contest

Friday, 12/9:  We’ve got a great start here, and thank you to those who said they’re working on their posts now! Please jump in!  Hello, Poets and lovers of poetry (and the rest of you out there)! From Dec. 7 – 14, 2011 we’re having a crazy contest. To win, you must provide us with […]

Collage and Creative Writing: Common Threads

My writing and my art are so entwined that it is hard sometimes to separate them. As with writing, I’ve been collaging since I was a child. Collage is an old art form, revived in the 20th century as modern art, consisting of portions of other works of art, text, purchased or handmade papers, embellishments […]

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