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Lin’s Senryu

I’m a beginner at Senryu and in addition to Margaret’s great links, found this link helpful: Haiku or Senryu? How to Tell the Difference. I followed the syllable count but switched the lines. Here’s my first stab at it:   Hot packed waiting room Doctor gives bad news How lovely is the sunshine Related articles […]

Margaret’s Senryu

My Senryu, and fun with GIMP. I’ve been having a blast lately playing with the color manipulation functions with GIMP, though I have yet to read the book I bought that goes through all the features. Consequently, I have a nice directory full of road photos, a great many of which I’ve played with using […]

Mary’s Senryu

Assuming it’s still Senryu if it’s fantasy. Hero’s Journey A magical quest journey for the talisman a clichéd hero

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