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Greetings from the Poetic Muselings, and welcome to 2015. We have decided to blog once a week this month, and I have drawn the first week.   We Muselings met online in October of 2008 when we all signed up for a workshop at the Muse Online Writers Conference.  The four of us were signed […]

Make Visible: The Muse Online Writers Conference

The Muse Online Writers Conference   The next MuseCon will be held October 8-14,2012.   Although registration for this fabulous and free online writers conference isn’t open yet, it soon will be. The Poetic Muselings will be hosting a poetry workshop at the 2012 Muse Online Writers Conference!!! Hope to see you there!   Just […]

Inspiration-Perspiration: It’s All Around You

We all know the adage, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, right? Do you know it applies just as easily to writing and poetry as it does to the other important things in life? For example, I hear people asking me “Where do you get your ideas from?” and the answer to that is “Everywhere!” It […]

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