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Mary’s Expression: Embracing the Passion

I am a passionate person. Most people don’t get to see that. In fact, most people don’t really see me at all. I’m the quiet one in the background, invisible. At times I felt there wouldn’t even be a ripple if left. No one would notice. But there have been a few special people who […]

My Voice

I’ve been thinking about voice a lot lately. Voice, as in writer’s voice, what is it, where does it come from, what influences it. As a writer, I love words and word play, have a good knowledge of English grammar, can speak, read and write French well enough to carry on a conversation, read a […]

Make Visible: Story a Day

It’s almost May… On the Story a Day website it boldly says: is home to an annual Extreme Writing Challenge: Write a story every day in May. Still confused.  Want more info.  Here are “The Rules” from The Rules You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. ~Ray Bradbury The […]

Bliss and Gratitude

I first learned about a bliss book from Sylvia van Bruggen during a workshop at the Muse Online Writers Conference. What is bliss? Complete happiness, undisturbed by gain or loss. What is a Bliss Book? In simplicity: a book that makes you happy. Whenever I feel my writing sucks, or am generally depressed, I can […]

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