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Dragon Meed

Here’s a Dragon poem to brighten up your day. And, Michele, I did add that stanza you suggested.   Dragon Meed   One dragon blue, one dragon red, two beasts desiring to be fed. One dragon red, one dragon blue, so very hungry, thirsty, too.   One dragon left, one dragon right, both slipped inside […]

Creativity Takes Shape

January is a tough month for me. This January has been an especially creative one, however. I’ve been drawing and painting in my DIY Planner every day. Also I just finished a cross-stitch project. The Celtic design, all in purple, is for me since I tend to give my stitching away to friends and family. […]

Please, Please, a Do-Over, Please

Hurray for the new year! Time to wonder whether it’s possible to make changes for the better, to learn to behave as if we truly love ourselves, instead of indulge ourselves like little kids who are given cookies to make us shut up. Time to dust off the old resolutions, rewrite them in prettier ink […]


Greetings from the Poetic Muselings, and welcome to 2015. We have decided to blog once a week this month, and I have drawn the first week.   We Muselings met online in October of 2008 when we all signed up for a workshop at the Muse Online Writers Conference.  The four of us were signed […]

What I'm Grateful For

Early November through December is the time of year I used to spent locked in my own padded cell of emotions. Soured holiday cheer, reminder of what wasn’t right in my life and the world. . . . Survivor guilt at not dying when I was twenty; if I had, my father would have been […]

Holiday Poetry Prompt

Here’s a holiday poetry prompt. My response to this is below. Yes, it really is possible to construct a poem from this nonsense.   Ten Characters: 1. Old Saint Nick 2. Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer 3. Frosty the Snowman 4. The Grynch 5. Good King Wencheslas 6. Little Red Riding Hood 7. The Big Bad […]

EAR-WORMS! Lyrically going mad . . .

November is Poetic Asides Poem-A-Day Challenge Month, among other intense writing options. Mary, Anne, Margaret, and I are diligently writing to the prompts, with a goal of something wonderful to publish at the end. One of my favorite aspects is to see how differently we grab the prompts — or how they grab us. The poem […]

Character Revolt

NOTE: This post previously appeared on my blog, This month’s blog round robin is about character revolt: did you ever have a secondary character threaten to take over a novel? Boy, did I ever. And what’s more, he succeeded. It went like this: After I wrote Relocated I was haunted by a question that […]

Tell Your Own Story

I’m sure we’ve all gone through thoughts that we’re not good enough, that someone else could do it better. #158832645 / I was going through one of these phases: any other writer could tell this story better. Then I remembered my conclusion when I put myself down as a bad parent. Even though I’m […]

Facing Mortality

NOTE: This post previously appeared on my blog, It happened many years ago. We had just learned  I was pregnant with our second son when I got a call from my mother, with the words no daughter wants to hear: It’s cancer. My mother had cancer of the colon.  She had had a sigmoidoscopy […]

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