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Manifestation A dove descends (like a dream made real) to the puddle by the road. Did you expect to find a miracle here? Me neither. Spirit transforms love into a bird, feathers and all. Maybe it means peace. It probably means nothing. One dove joined by another. A pair. Paradise. (1st Poetic Muselings Summer Poetry […]


Thoughts while shopping online. Crayola I read reviews for Crayola washable markers, just want to color, not all that creative. I find out kids these days color themselves, their clothes, their friends, the walls. If we’d tried that, my generation, we would have been smacked all the way into next week. But things change. Things […]

Another poem: Cold Stone

Cold Stone   Dirt and stone beneath my feet, clouds and mist above me, in my ears, the sheep’s high bleat. Dear, I know you love me.   As I wander down the road I leave you behind me, standing in the field I hoed. Shafts of sunlight blind me.   My way is long […]

“Ancestor Worship”

Ancestor Worship The ghosts crowd around, like shadows at 4 o’clock, fragile as butterfly wings, persistent as memory. These shades are invisible, seen only by me in the span of your brow, in the tenor of your temper. Ancestors won’t leave me alone. They thunder through my family, Vikings on a rampage, pillaging as they […]

“Defensive Driving Class”

Defensive Driving Class But the post jumps out at me. Surprise! Headlight knocked out. No real excuse. Except that at 80 you do whatever the fuck you want. She’s earned it. Earned it in spades. Bonus: a discount on the car insurance. (1st Poetic Muselings Summer Poetry Challenge)

Always Learning

Always Learning In class today, Jeff said the essence of Tai Chi is in the moves we make at the start Warm up  spine, hips, knees, ankles. Engage finger tips to explore the air Bring moves from core to skin and back again and again and again Fill the space between vertebrae shoulder joints, tip […]

Sew Much To Learn

I recently survived an intensive sewing /clothing construction workshop, which got all synapses bouncing frantically in my head. Here are the first poems in the Sewing Series: Sew Much To Learn Part 1 To reach the hidden, and create the obvious, I must feel what’s true Part 2 I must learn to love vanilla, forgo […]

1st Poetic Muselings Summer Poetry Challenge

The Poetic Muselings (Michele Graf, Margaret Fieland, Mary Jensen and Anne Westlund) are having a poetry contest to see which one of us can write and post the most poems between July 15th, 2014 and September 1st, 2014. The author who writes and posts the most new poems on the Poetic Muselings Group Blog will […]

Because It’s Tuesday . . .

Because It’s Tuesday . . .* and almost time to read what I’ve supposed to have been writing, poet that I am . . .  and Because It’s Tuesday . . . and no great insight bled from pen to parchment, demanding ink — nothing new to share –  and  Because It’s Tuesday . . […]

Boldly Going Where I’ve Never . . .

Boldly Going Where I’ve Never . . . For the first time in my life, I’m in control of colors that surround me. Always the good girl in the past, I chose what seemed right rather than what made me smile. For the first time in my life, I’m responsible — me, responsible – if […]

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