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Poetry book news

One of my goals for this year was to publish my poetry collection Chiaroscuro. Last year I researched publishers, and compared their sites and stats. I made a list of what I most wanted in a publisher. It wasn’t about the royalty. It was: clear information print options listed response time ease of submitting (email) I […]

What we write about

A recent discussion among us Muselings had us musing on subjects to write about. Sice I am reading Natalie Goldberg‘s Writing Down the Bones , in which she suggests generating just such a list, I volunteered to post mine — mine and Natalie’s.  Here it is: What to write about, the list so far Write about a favorite […]

Courtship Moon

On this day of romance, we celebrate loved ones, both current and potential. My novel, Fey Moon, has a holiday similar to Valentine’s Day. The fourth moon (month) in the realm of Dashevona is Courtship Moon. It is the first moon of summer and the traditional month for courting. Those single and at least fifteen […]

A Few Poems for the Holidays

Saint Nick’s Christmas Excess     One Christmas night,  fat old Saint Nick ate so much roast goose he got  sick, thus was forced to belay that night’s ride in his sleigh, rushed the gifts all to FedEx. How slick.   Next Christmas, when faced with a chimney, hr muttered, “I will not be able […]


Chiaroscuro: The contrast and balance between light and dark. Within us resides a tapestry of darkness and light. It is woven into our hopes, fears, dreams, and secrets. To understand the tapestry leads to knowing ourselves. Follow these threads of dark and light. You may be surprised at what is hidden, lost, or wandering. This […]

Bernadette Meyer’s Writing Experiments

Bernadette Meyer is an avant-guard poet associated with the New York school of poets. I recently discovered her list of journal and writing experiment ideas:   PEPC LIBRARY Bernadette Mayer’s List of Journal Ideas: Journals of: * dreams * food * finances * writing ideas * love * ideas for architects * city […]

Mary’s Poetry Month Success

I was very pleased with my poetic productivity in April. Here’s the breakdown. I competed in daily challenges on the Sims 3 forums. These consisted of weekly themes, and daily styles/forms. Not all poems had to be newly written for the contest. Wrote 19 new poems, and entered all but one day. Won twelve days […]

Poetry Month: Book Spine Poetry

If you’re not aware, April is National Poetry Month. Next week is also National Library Week. is celebrating both with a contest. Use the books from your library to compose a Book Spine Poem telling why the library matters to you (deadline April 20). I haven’t made it out to my library yet, but […]

The Mystery- Dealing with Grief

The  Mystery By Lin Neiswender You were the cutest thing So happy with a simple toy like green grass A carpet to comfort your feet Leaves blowing down sidewalks Yours to track  by scratchy sound When  wind blew stone-cold Sharing a snack with the rest of the pack Barking fiercely while picking goodies from kitchen […]

How to Generate Rhymes

I love to write rhymed poetry, and as I have started on another collection of science fiction poetry set in the Aleyne universe, I’m planning to write a fair number of story-poems, a format which lends itself to rhyme. I have my own algorithm for generating rhymes (more about that later), but I also make […]

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