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UFOs They call them UFOs, unfinished objects. Is there anything sadder than projects left half-done? Maybe its projects planned, not started? The kits still enclosed in plastic, paints unopened, canvas untouched. Even sadder, projects brought this close to completion, but never quite finished. With a bottom drawer of neglected manuscripts, fishing tackle box containing pastels […]

Bliss – a list poem

My Bliss Willow trees, birch and aspen, smell of fresh-cut grass. Keys, butterflies, bears, dragonflies Cherry blossoms, lilacs Blue-berry muffins, apple crisp, crumb donuts, apple cider Celtic music, movie soundtracks Rain – its touch, smell, and sound Fairies, dragons, fairy-tales Sunsets, trains, dance Milk chocolate, chocolate milk, pistachios, strawberry lemonade Petting and cuddling with a […]

Another Step Down the Road

Yeah, I seem to be writing a story told in verse as a succession of poems about these two guys … Another Step Down the Road    One foot in front of the other, under dark sky as I seek. The cold is becoming my lover and hunger an enemy to cheat.   I set […]


Here’s a companion poem to the one I posted yesterday: Journey   Wanderer, wanderer where do you go, all alone on the road when the wild winds blow? Where did you come from and why did you leave, who are the loved ones you left home to grieve?   Hunched in your cloak with your […]

Stego Stomp

This one is for my son, as he chose the prompt: dinosaurs. My first dinosaur poem. Stego Stomp Come into the stomping ground Best party to be found DJ Rex will never fail Every dino shake your tail Through the valley we will romp Time for the Stego Stomp Clap your plates to the beat […]

An Invitation to our Readers

As Anne mentioned in a previous post, we are having an internal contest. The Museling who writes and posts the most poems between July 15, 2014 and September 1, 2014 wins a writing book of their choice from Expect the blog to be a crazy place, as posts will be unscheduled. We are posting […]

“Only Traces”

More rhymes. Only Traces To find your dreams within the pages of a magazine would seem impossible if not obscene. Cut out words and pictures, they say that represent your future come what may, anything to keep the fear at bay. To peruse the air-brushed faces and wish for far off places, I languish here […]

Because It’s Tuesday . . .

Because It’s Tuesday . . .* and almost time to read what I’ve supposed to have been writing, poet that I am . . .  and Because It’s Tuesday . . . and no great insight bled from pen to parchment, demanding ink — nothing new to share –  and  Because It’s Tuesday . . […]

A Token for the Train

I love writing in rhyme, and I have a large number of poems lying around that rhyme. I’m especially fond of this one, which I’ve worked over a number of times.    A Token for the Train   I clatter down dim staircase to seek shelter from the rain, duck beneath a turnstile as I’m […]

Chiaroscuro hits virtual shelves

In March I announced the upcoming publication of my poetry e-book Chiaroscuro. I am excited to announce that it is now published and available for purchase. Chiaroscuro is a poetry book about the contrast and balance between light and dark. It’s a journey through a crumbling world that leaves a gritty taste. It shines light […]

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