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Where is my mind?

Answer: On paper. When chatting with Peggy, I realized how old-fashioned I am. I keep most of my thoughts, to-dos and writing on paper, either typed or written in pen. Peggy uses her computer and phone, in other words, technology, to keep track of things. In order to remember things I have to write them […]

A Magical Poem for Friday the 13th

Today is a superstitious day. If you feel you need protection, perhaps this shop can help. Sparky’s Magic Shop Is your boss a big buffoon? We can make him a baboon! Homework making you insane? We can biggify your brain. We can read your future here If it’s bleak, never fear! We have just the […]

Today’s Poems

Here are a couple poems I wrote today in response to the weekly prompts on the Poetic Asides blog: Careless We were so careful with each other, not willing to risk heart, home, flesh, bone. We touched briefly between the aisles of the public library. Book end to book end, what stories we could […]

Poetry in Quotes

I’d like to share with you some quotes that really echo how I feel about poetry. What is poetry? “Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.” –Edgar Allan Poe “Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.” –Carl Sandburg Who is the poet? “A poet is, before anything else, a person who […]

Together Again

November always brings to mind family. It’s the month of my birthday, as well as Thanksgiving. So even on years where I don’t visit with family, they are still close to my thoughts and heart. I come from a big family. I have eight siblings! And as much as I love them, love being around […]

Supporting Literacy

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend Fox Hills Elementary’s Literacy Night as a local poet. There was a nice variety of writers represented. The poet, the short story and article writer, the picture book author/illustrator, and the YA fantasy author. Also attending was the children’s librarian from our local library. On my table, […]

Tell Your Own Story

I’m sure we’ve all gone through thoughts that we’re not good enough, that someone else could do it better. #158832645 / I was going through one of these phases: any other writer could tell this story better. Then I remembered my conclusion when I put myself down as a bad parent. Even though I’m […]

Greetings from the Trenches

It’s been a busy year for us Muselings, as we’ve mostly been entrenched in our own projects and life events. This month we come together again with one goal. To write new poems. Once again, Poetic Asides is prompting for November Poem a Day. Differing from the April challenge, November has the goal of putting […]


UFOs They call them UFOs, unfinished objects. Is there anything sadder than projects left half-done? Maybe its projects planned, not started? The kits still enclosed in plastic, paints unopened, canvas untouched. Even sadder, projects brought this close to completion, but never quite finished. With a bottom drawer of neglected manuscripts, fishing tackle box containing pastels […]

Bliss – a list poem

My Bliss Willow trees, birch and aspen, smell of fresh-cut grass. Keys, butterflies, bears, dragonflies Cherry blossoms, lilacs Blue-berry muffins, apple crisp, crumb donuts, apple cider Celtic music, movie soundtracks Rain – its touch, smell, and sound Fairies, dragons, fairy-tales Sunsets, trains, dance Milk chocolate, chocolate milk, pistachios, strawberry lemonade Petting and cuddling with a […]

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