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Boldly Going Where I’ve Never . . .

Boldly Going Where I’ve Never . . . For the first time in my life, I’m in control of colors that surround me. Always the good girl in the past, I chose what seemed right rather than what made me smile. For the first time in my life, I’m responsible — me, responsible – if […]

Crystal and Whimsy

this is Haiku – texture writ through sounds crystal and whimsy worn as layers hidden in shoulds and spring snow weather rules apply ruthlessly when spring unclutters what is left to thrive scrambled branches down fat squirrels hog birdfeeder, never share ivy thinned by the deer it kept alive defiant blues elbow clouds for the […]

Six Trillion + 642 Ways to Write a Poem

Yup. Take “The Storymatic”, with six trillion story/poem ideas tidily arranged in a tasteful box smaller than a grocery-store size block of cheddar. Add a book, “642 Things to Write About”. Send them to your favorite aunt whose Muse has been MIA for the past year or so. Stand back and wait for the fallout. Giggle when […]

Going Deep

Today I wrestled and won a round with the mind-messing monkey that clings to me, snickering about all the things I should do, know I should do, intend to do, but never quite get around to doing. You know the one — we all have them. Usually nags with “someone’s voice of reason”, at a […]

Creativity and the Decluttered Knee

Soon, I shall experience full knee replacement surgery, leap from hobbled old Crone, muttering to myself and others through a pain-med haze, foggy-focused at best most days. I’ll push through worse anguish for a bit, then — magically — break through to the exquisite tedium of a lifetime of daily attention to reach a level […]

Clouds in Flight

Clouds in Flight, Judy Hayden 2012 “Ah, yes, I remember it well” Maurice Chevalier, in GiGi Observations I see and remember through filters of place and need, hunger and fear, time as instant as breath You see a cloud slide through the sky I feel dragon’s breath claim the ground above the trees Your wide-angle […]

Why and How I Write Poetry

On June 1 and 8 this year, I co-presented a two-part poetry workshop at the Eugene Public Library, as part of their Summer Series. I described the method of my madness about a couple of poems I’d written recently, and some of my Poet’s Toolbox techniques that helped me polish the poems. Let me know […]

My Birthday and Paul Revere’s Horse

I promised myself I would memorize Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem, “Paul Revere’s Ride” by the time I reached my ninth birthday. I’d already mastered the spelling of “antidisestablishmentarianism” — I had no clue of its meaning, but someone bet my third grade teacher that she couldn’t teach at least one of her students to spell […]

The Mark of Abel, by Viola Ryan

So exciting to introduce you to Viola Ryan, an amazing woman in her own right, plus two of her Main Characters who insisted on getting in on the act today to discuss their new book, The Mark of Abel, (details below) the first book in her series. I’ve heard about these MC’s, read some of […]

Boundaries and Compassion: Relationships

Our thanks once again to mega-mentor Lisa Gentile, for this follow-up to Boundaries and Compassion (Part 1). Lisa’s thoughtful response to the questions at the end of the post were what I needed recently to reframe a situation with someone I trust and worked closely with in the past. We hit a couple of communication […]

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