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What I’m Grateful For

Early November through December is the time of year I used to spent locked in my own padded cell of emotions. Soured holiday cheer, reminder of what wasn’t right in my life and the world. . . . Survivor guilt at not dying when I was twenty; if I had, my father would have been […]

EAR-WORMS! Lyrically going mad . . .

November is Poetic Asides Poem-A-Day Challenge Month, among other intense writing options. Mary, Anne, Margaret, and I are diligently writing to the prompts, with a goal of something wonderful to publish at the end. One of my favorite aspects is to see how differently we grab the prompts — or how they grab us. The poem […]


National  Novel (Writing)      (and other things) We Can Do Month!                              As Mary explained in her post on November 3, we are engaged in marvelously rebellious behavior, and writing, writing, writing. My Inner Rebel is counting  words in projects 1, 2, […]

Always Learning

Always Learning In class today, Jeff said the essence of Tai Chi is in the moves we make at the start Warm up  spine, hips, knees, ankles. Engage finger tips to explore the air Bring moves from core to skin and back again and again and again Fill the space between vertebrae shoulder joints, tip […]

Sew Much To Learn

I recently survived an intensive sewing /clothing construction workshop, which got all synapses bouncing frantically in my head. Here are the first poems in the Sewing Series: Sew Much To Learn Part 1 To reach the hidden, and create the obvious, I must feel what’s true Part 2 I must learn to love vanilla, forgo […]

Because It’s Tuesday . . .

Because It’s Tuesday . . .* and almost time to read what I’ve supposed to have been writing, poet that I am . . .  and Because It’s Tuesday . . . and no great insight bled from pen to parchment, demanding ink — nothing new to share –  and  Because It’s Tuesday . . […]

Boldly Going Where I’ve Never . . .

Boldly Going Where I’ve Never . . . For the first time in my life, I’m in control of colors that surround me. Always the good girl in the past, I chose what seemed right rather than what made me smile. For the first time in my life, I’m responsible — me, responsible — if […]

Crystal and Whimsy

this is Haiku – texture writ through sounds crystal and whimsy worn as layers hidden in shoulds and spring snow weather rules apply ruthlessly when spring unclutters what is left to thrive scrambled branches down fat squirrels hog birdfeeder, never share ivy thinned by the deer it kept alive defiant blues elbow clouds for the […]

Six Trillion + 642 Ways to Write a Poem

Yup. Take “The Storymatic”, with six trillion story/poem ideas tidily arranged in a tasteful box smaller than a grocery-store size block of cheddar. Add a book, “642 Things to Write About”. Send them to your favorite aunt whose Muse has been MIA for the past year or so. Stand back and wait for the fallout. Giggle when […]

Going Deep

Today I wrestled and won a round with the mind-messing monkey that clings to me, snickering about all the things I should do, know I should do, intend to do, but never quite get around to doing. You know the one — we all have them. Usually nags with “someone’s voice of reason”, at a […]

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