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Another Step Down the Road

Yeah, I seem to be writing a story told in verse as a succession of poems about these two guys … Another Step Down the Road    One foot in front of the other, under dark sky as I seek. The cold is becoming my lover and hunger an enemy to cheat.   I set […]


Here’s a companion poem to the one I posted yesterday: Journey   Wanderer, wanderer where do you go, all alone on the road when the wild winds blow? Where did you come from and why did you leave, who are the loved ones you left home to grieve?   Hunched in your cloak with your […]

Another poem: Cold Stone

Cold Stone   Dirt and stone beneath my feet, clouds and mist above me, in my ears, the sheep’s high bleat. Dear, I know you love me.   As I wander down the road I leave you behind me, standing in the field I hoed. Shafts of sunlight blind me.   My way is long […]

The Hidden Key

The Hidden Key Ash and pine and elm and oak, under sky like blowing smoke, up a hill and under ground, winding through a maze, is found   keys to mysteries unfold, tales still needing to be told. Find the answers in the logs hidden in the swampy bogs. Muselings Poetry Challenge number 2: this […]

A Token for the Train

I love writing in rhyme, and I have a large number of poems lying around that rhyme. I’m especially fond of this one, which I’ve worked over a number of times.    A Token for the Train   I clatter down dim staircase to seek shelter from the rain, duck beneath a turnstile as I’m […]

Sleep, Night, and all that

I have sleep apnea, and am in the process of getting treatment. Yesterday I saw the sleep doc and gave her one of my cards. “Have you written any poems about sleep?” she asked. “I’d be interested to see them.” I went home and checked. I searched SLEEP and NIGHT in my large Google Docs […]

What we write about

A recent discussion among us Muselings had us musing on subjects to write about. Sice I am reading Natalie Goldberg‘s Writing Down the Bones , in which she suggests generating just such a list, I volunteered to post mine — mine and Natalie’s.  Here it is: What to write about, the list so far Write about a favorite […]

A Few Poems for the Holidays

Saint Nick’s Christmas Excess     One Christmas night,  fat old Saint Nick ate so much roast goose he got  sick, thus was forced to belay that night’s ride in his sleigh, rushed the gifts all to FedEx. How slick.   Next Christmas, when faced with a chimney, hr muttered, “I will not be able […]

Bernadette Meyer’s Writing Experiments

Bernadette Meyer is an avant-guard poet associated with the New York school of poets. I recently discovered her list of journal and writing experiment ideas:   PEPC LIBRARY Bernadette Mayer’s List of Journal Ideas: Journals of: * dreams * food * finances * writing ideas * love * ideas for architects * city […]

What is a poem?

What is a poem? Do you only believe it’s poetry if it rhymes? Has line and stanza breaks? What about prose poems? Confession time: Yes, yes, I know, poetry is compress language, rich imagery, and prose poems are alive and well. But as for me … Retro However much I beat myself over the head, […]

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